What's preventing your NEXT LEVEL life?

As a business owner, are you in your own way?

Maybe your next level blocker is a lack of purpose, needing more business skills, clarity of who, what and how. Maybe it is certainty about yourself and your direction, or lacking confidence and courage to create the consistent business income & impact you crave? 

WELCOME TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL expert coaching, training & mentoring. Programmes, sessions, courses and resources for driven business owners who want to ENJOY making income & impact THEIR unique way!

  • MINDSET keeping you safe, but stuck
  • MONEY BELIEFS & pricing doubts
  • Scared of SALES closing & rejection
  • Fearful of visibility & MARKETING
  • Lack STRATEGY confidence & clarity?
  • A bit LOST and need some SUPPORT
  • Not yet found YOUR PURPOSE, YOUR WHY or YOUR WAY?

Find Your NEXT LEVEL self & business LIVE programmes with Vivienne Joy

She-Enjoys mindset coaching, business skills training, strategic creative mentoring & business community accountability support with Vivienne Joy

  • She-Enjoys Business Building Club (weekly online Zoom) with a supportive, genuine community of business founding women
  • She-Thrives Mindset For Business Mastermind (weekly on Zoom) A small group of determined women gather for 2 hours of next level, authentic sales and marketing learning, group coaching, mentoring, accountability a safe space support
  • One to one private mindset coaching & strategic business mentoring

Do you love to learn at your own pace in your time with online video courses?

The Mindset For Business is a dashboard of pre-recorded video learning covering Mindset, Marketing, Sales, Strategy and more – lifetime access!

  • Bitesize Ability Modules over 200 and increasing monthly of the CORE4 successful business building
  • Masterclasses with Vivienne Joy & chosen Experts to learn and implement
  • 7 Step RESET Programmes to go deeper and reset your mindset and skillset for your next level business
  • The Mindset For Business fully guided courses ‘outcome driven’ to go from start-up to success in the CORE4 areas most neededc

Find your purpose, certify as an NLP Coach and build your dream business!

Deep Structure NLP Coach Practitioner Certification & Business Mentorship to find your purpose and follow your passion

  • 6 months of LIVE 90 minute weekly online group programme. Fully experiencing NLP & coaching as a client, and a coach! Build unshakeable confidence.
  • Lifetime access to your learning dashboard & FUTURE LIVE learning cohorts
  • Unlimited support, training, mentoring, certification and supervision
  • Create an impactful freedom coaching business with profitable recurring revenue & helping ideal clients!

I’m Vivienne Joy. I know your ‘stuck and playing small’ story a bit too well! Back in 2010, I had the worst money mindset ever. A combination of childhood patterns, fears of not being good enough and imposter syndrome. 

When I finally found my ‘own way’ to get to £5k months; every month, it all changed! 

Now I as an Accredited Fellow MasterCoach, I mindset Coach, skills train, NLP certify, support and strategically mentor talented, determined people to RESET their fear and safety based beliefs, hopeless overwhelm, self-sabotage and procrastination, right through to legacy building with high performance coaching success outcomes; including joyful recurring ‘freedom based’ revenue, with ideal clients and aligned authentic strategies. 

This level of satsifaction and fulfilment might sound like a dream right now. I definitely didn’t know it existed for normal people! It does, it’s joyful. This beautiful reality that awaits you with just a few brave decisions to not settle for who you are and what you’ve achieved!

Are you my ideal client? If so you'll say yes to one or more...

  1. Fed up of your own excuses, bullying self-talk and sabotage, procrastination behaviours and thinks your mindset is broken and feeling stuck and frustrated.
  2. Still not clear on what makes you unique, special or different in the market; so you’re playing small. In fact, you’re not even sure if you’re in the right career as it doesn’t light you up!
  3. Getting lost in all the online noise as too scared to niche, stand out or fully power yourself up.
  4. Even if you’re brave enough to overcome the fear of rejection; you don’t know how to sell yourself.
  5. You network and try to audience build, but relationships are simply not converting, it’s exhausting.
  6. You blame your pricing for lack of money and aren’t paying yourself and working ALL the hours.
  7. You know you should be doing consistent ‘clever’ social media online marketing and emails, but go cold at the thought of being so visible and vulnerable. Imposter syndrome in full force!
  8. You’re scared of the tech, systems and automations, so not creating logical free things, cheap things, VIP things, landing pages, websites, social platform bios, online courses or taking online payments properly – it is all so overwhelming and complicated to sort out and set up.
  9. You listen to experts saying brand yourself, have a professional photo shoot, write a book, start a podcast, get on TikTok & YouTube – aarrghhhh, where to even start (+ imposter syndrome right!)
  10. You’re scared of wrecking your life whilst trying to create your business – whilst balancing kids, health, social life, home and relationships. You simply can’t be everywhere all the time and so are never fully anywhere – parenting guilt in full force and no time to even think about the gym!

If you identify with these and want to change things, this is how!

Wherever you are in your business building journey; starting up, scaling or a bit stuck; you need to find balance, strong but safe support, expert guidance, new business skills and the mindset RESET for success!

Over the last 7 years, with thousands of clients, I have developed a way to get your CORE4 Business Building sorted to progress week by week, without overwhelm or fear! 

I educate, coach and support you each step of the way; whether you choose to be a private one to one client, join my entry level She-Enjoys Business Building CLUB Membership, or go deeper in my She-Thrives Coaching Mastermind or to certify and business build as a Deep Structure NLP Coach with me… YOU NEED a next level mindset and skillset to help and not hinder your progress!

By working on ALL 4 CORE business building elements, you’ll LEARN and ENJOY MORE!

  • MORE confidence and self-belief
  • MORE clarity, purpose and direction
  • MORE inner alignment and connection
  • MORE useable sales and marketing skills
  • MORE proven systems and processes
  • MORE sustained sales, profit and money
  • MORE impact, results and fulfilment (for you and your clients) 

There's a 3 phase approach to shifting, educating and empowering you to build your impact led, legacy business

Stop Being Stuck!

Mindset Reset

Need connection, community & support? Weekly online hour with like-minded business women

Need to go next level but stuck? Deep Structure Coaching to RESET your mindset. Strategic business coaching for your next level!

Learn to Earn!

Build to 5k your way in business

She-Thrives Business Building Coaching Mastermind. 

Powerful weekly 2 hour, small group mindset coaching, strategic sales & marketing training & mentoring on Zoom. Get the mindset and skillset to build your NEXT LEVEL business. Unlimited support & accountability

An hour of strategic 1:1 mentoring is availalable for £200 per month

Build the dream!

Learn the skillset for business

Are you ready for the next level of yourself? Find your purpose, power up your passion and skills to help yourself and others. Hire me as you Mindset & Business Coach, Mentor, Strategist. I become a part of your business!

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Created in 2015 by me, Vivienne Joy. A successful business creator and owner of multiple 6 figure businesses; I’ve been where you are!

  • A safe supportive community space full of like-minded business founding women
  • Inspiration, education and motivation
  • Deep structure mindset reset coaching
  • Business skills training and mentoring
  • Affordable and free ways to business build!