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Wed 31st Jul 2024

12.30-1.30pm (UK time) On Zoom

Landing Pages That Land & Lead

How are people signing up, buying and showing interest in you, your products and services?

Are you having to ping links, DM them and remember everything; or do you have a well sculpted landing page that creates a big YES?

This session will help you understand the structure, content and behaviour of your buyer to make sure they become a client.

Get booked on and I’ll see you there.

Next Level Business & Mindset Themes for 2024  (Always 12.30-1.30pm, UK time)

Wed 28th Aug  Automating Your Marketing Magic

Wed 25th Sep  Successful Selling YOUR Way

Mon 28th Oct  Getting Out of Your Own Way

Mon 25th Nov  Find Your NEXT LEVEL Everything

Mon 23rd Dec  See it, Believe it, Achieve it for 2025 & Christmas Party 

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